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Is Anger and Resentment the real cause World War 3?

World war 3 is upon us. Tensions with Iran have never been higher. President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike against Qassen Soleimani, the top general of Iran's Quds Force. On January 3rd, 2020 a United States Drone strike killed the Iranian general near the Baghdad Airport in Iraq. With great fervor, Iranian Parliament chanted "Death to America" in their Capitol of Tehran in Iran just 2 days later.

The Hatred Born from the 1980s

This point in history marks the pinnacle of hatred and distrust in America. The negativity in our society that got President Donald Trump elected is still growing. It's really easy to blame World War 3 on Donald Trump. The sour attitudes that got Donald Trump elected have been brewing in this country for years.  Ever since the 1980s manufacturing jobs have been leaving the United States.

 In the American Mid-West, thousands of White Americans were angry about losing their jobs. These manufacturing jobs could support a family and an income like was hard to replace. When someone has the traumatic experience of losing their job they look for reasons has to why this happened.

Misplaced Anger 

Placing the blame outside of yourself is the easiest way to get over your pain. An easy target was minorities. Immigrants and trade deals, regulations and globalization blamed for manufacturing being wiped out in the United States.

Donald Trump's Presidential campaign was against immigration, regulations, and globalization. Trump voters have resentment towards immigrants because they are blamed for taking their jobs. Donald Trump's campaign tapped into the misplaced anger and resentment towards immigrants.

President Trump is the physical manifestation of the anger and resentment in the United States. This state of mind is addictive. This grudge that Americans have against others is only damaging ourselves. We are all ultimately going to pay for the direction that this country is going in.


If used that energy that we put into blaming others we could help ourselves get out of this hell. World War 3 is pure anger. Iran is devastated over losing Qassem Soleimani. The United States and Iran will be paying this price for years to come.

In your own life do your best to let go of anger and resentment. I believe that liberating yourself of anger and resentment is the key to living a better life. Holding on to these feelings may possibly lead us to the deadliest conflict in history.


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