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The 9 symptoms of BPD in Men

Borderline Personality Disorder in Men

Boarder line personality disorder is something that a lot of men suffer from. There is such a bad stigma with the name borderline personality disorder. It is a very misunderstood disorder. Many therapist will turn away patients diagnosed with BPD because many therapist are not equipped to treat these patients.

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) focuses on teaching coping skills to combat counterproductive emotions. This can be used as a possible treatment for BPD.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps address the negative thinking and behaviors associate with BPD.

Please consult a mental health professional for diagnosis and possible treatment.

The 9 symptoms of BPD in Men

1. Irrational Fears of abandonment and frantic, desperate efforts to avoid it.

2. Relationships can be difficult with BPD. They are characterized
with alternating periods of idealization and devaluation.

3. Persistently unstable self-image and sense of identity.

4. BPD can cause impulsivty in several areas in your life; such as in spending, substance abuse, binge eating, compulsive gambling and unsafe driving.

5. Episodes of acute emotional instability that could last for hours or days.

6. Chronic feelings of emptiness, disappointment, and low motivation.

7. Explosive intensive outburst of fiery and frustration

8. Extreme paranoia, suspicion, and disconnection from reality.

9. Suicidal thoughts, threats, and actions are symptoms of BPD. Suicidal thoughts could be a  symptom of many other mental health issues. But 5 out of 9 of these symptoms must be demonstrated to attribute this to BPD.

People that suffer from BPD are emotionally unstable and my struggle to hold down a job. They may frequently change their life plans. Their friendships and relationships could constantly be in jeopardy of falling apart.

The Differences of BPD in Men and in Women

The differences of BPD in men and BPD in women are fairly subtle. However men tend to be more aggressive than women. Here are more of the differences of BPD in men than in women.

  • Highly sensitive to criticism aim, and aggressive in response to perceived insults or put-downs
  • Very controlling in relationships
  • Intensely jealous and possessive 
  • Judges people quickly and is easy to become disillusioned with people, and quick to express their disgust 
  • Mood is unstable and quickly changes without a signal
  • Can be explosively angry and enraged
  • May exhibit risky or dangerous behavior


If you are exhibiting 5 out of 9 of the above symptoms please seek the help of a mental health care provider.


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